Fees for my services range from $150-$225 per hour depending on the complexity of service and the assumed liabilities.

SECURE FIDUCIARY SERVICES                     Mark L. McKibbin

Telephone: 714.293.2416                                                                                                   Licensed Professional Fiduciary

Fax: 714.459.7360                                                                                                                          California License PF798

mark@securefiduciary.com                                                                                                     National Certified Guardian



Why am I a Professional Fiduciary?

In May of 2005, I received a phone call from the manager at my father's bank advising that my father wanted to add someone onto his accounts. Had I not received that call, I might not have been able to prevent the loss of his home and his retirement income.  Two weeks after that call, I was appointed Temporary Conservator of my father's estate.  After the court concluded their investigation, the "temporary" was removed and I also was appointed Conservator of his Person.   For the next five years I managed his finances and personal care.  I did all I could to protect him and still enhance his quality of life.

Not long after my father passed away from Alzheimer's Disease in 2010, I came to realize how much caring for him had changed me.  I began my work with seniors soon thereafter.